7th August 2022 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does therapy last?
This depends. Some couples and individuals are seen for a limited number of
weeks, but many find longer-term therapy beneficial.

Is therapy weekly?
Yes. We see patients once a week at a regular, agreed time. Sometimes we may
see patients twice a week. Each session last 50 minutes.

Could you tell me how you work?
Our therapists are trained psychodynamically. This means that they work with
patients to understand the unconscious processes that are being played out.
They help couples and individuals to understand complex dynamics and look at
the way that change may be effected.

What training have your counsellors undergone?
All our therapists have long experience in the NHS and in private practise and
are senior BACP accredited and UKRC registered. This means they are fully
qualified and attend ongoing training and are supervised on a regular basis.

How do I make an appointment?
Once you contact us, we will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours and offer
you assessment to see if counselling will be helpful to you. We will explain more about how we work and look at the difficulties you are experiencing to see if the service we offer would be beneficial to you. We also take referrals from GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists and other psychotherapists.

How can counselling/therapy help me?
Counselling and therapy can be helpful if you are willing to explore your feelings
and look at your belief systems and want to achieve real change. It can, at
times, be a challenging process, but many people have found the understanding
they have gained has had a beneficial and significant effect on their personal

How much will therapy cost?
Individuals from 80 per session
Couples from 100 per session
We offer concessions in some circumstances.

Missed or cancelled appointments will be charged